Increase Business. Enhance professionalism.

Coaches, trainers, teams and facilities worldwide are using Concentric Brain Software to increase efficiency, consistency and enhance professionalism. Learn how this advanced technology programming software can help:

Personal Trainers 

Boost your professionalism; and get noticed. Concentric Brain generates professional plans in seconds. Pre-formatted templates guarantee quality and results. Customization and the Exercise Vault keep workouts interesting and balanced. Automatic organization saves tons of time. Athlete portal, and 24/7 access to software on any device. Save time, train more and build your business.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Automatically generate and customize professional plans using the massive 11,000 movement Exercise Vault to drill down to very specific movements fast. Variations elicit and fine-tune exact muscle response. Precise athlete set up and state-of-the-art plans, thousands of support videos, Athlete Portal and auto-organization save hundreds of hours annually. Spend more time coaching.

Facility Owners

Customize and standardize template/workouts to guarantee quality, consistency and safety throughout your business. All programming and preferences are saved, automatically organized and accessible 24/7 on any device. Saves hundreds of hours annually in planning and organizing tasks that can be used to train more clients/athletes, and increase revenue.

Team Coaches

Manage large groups, and create position specific templates. Maximize athlete strength, conditioning and performance while protecting their joints through balanced professional level workouts.

Distance Trainers

World class programming to train any level, any sport, any situation, any time and anywhere. Plan safely, quickly and make adjustments on-the-fly 24/7 from any device. Access the 11,000+ movements Exercise Vault to keep trainees engaged and moving towards their goals.

Post-Rehabilitation Training

Create templates to systematically progress athletes and clients returning from an injury or surgery. Quickly create intelligent workouts that account for injured limbs, and help the individual regain proprioception and strength. Concentric Brain comes with over 300 post-rehab exercises loaded into the system, and you can add your own custom ones, as well as standardized and balanced programs.

"You guys have put together a spectacular product... I have no problems inputting any of my methods and templates into the system to automate the process, and the overall organization of the site with regards to athlete profiles and templates is simple and easy to follow." – J. P., NASM/ACE