We are lucky to work with a pretty amazing group at Concentric Brain. Besides being stellar human beings, they’re unparalleled in their sincerity about helping other fitness professionals. Plus, they really enjoy lifting heavy things and sharing the best way to do that with others! Here’s a little about each of us.

Sarah Walls, CEO


Ever the super achiever, Sarah spun her industrial design degree into a rabid desire to help fitness professionals. Inspired by her years as a NCAA D1 Strength & Conditioning Coach and a personal trainer, she envisioned a better, more efficient way to program, and went after it to develop Concentric Brain. Working with about every type of athlete, sport and team, known to man, maximizing training results while keeping athletes healthy are among her favorite things.

Coach Walls also has a decade training non-athletes of all ages and abilities under her belt, and opened the doors to Strength & Performance Training in 2007. Known for youth athlete development, SAPT offers programs for weight loss, body composition change, injury rehabilitation, success in daily living, post-rehab – you name it. They all make an impact on her thinking as well. Her husband, family and two preschoolers can attest to that.

Steve Reed, Co-founder

Steve Reed, BS, cscs, CTO, Co-founder

A natural born logician and science geek, Steve studied engineering and mathematics before falling in love with the Iron Game and deciding to pursue a career as a strength and conditioning coach. While at Virginia Tech, he was awarded the Most Innovative Trainer of the Year, and upon graduating, he was hired as the Head Coach for our sister company, SAPT. But, it was his burning passion to provide fitness professionals a solution to an unmet need in their field that drove him to co-found and co-create Concentric Brain. With his love for learning, passion for helping others, and aptitude for problem solving, he’s got the tools necessary to serve fitness professionals and make their lives easier. 

An unabashed introvert and nerd, Steve prefers his free time to be a composite of reading (Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire being two favorite series), honing his light saber skills, and refining the production of the perfect cup of coffee. Sitting on the George Mason’s Kinesiology Advisory Committee and an occasional Mud Run with his wife, Coach Kelsey, keep him real.



Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Precision Nutrition (PN) Certified Coach, Coach Kelsey was bitten by the iron bug at 16, and has been lifting ever since. Her love for picking up heavy things spurred her to pursue a degree in the Science of Exercise and Nutrition at Virginia Tech.  She interned with the Virginia Tech Strength and Conditioning staff assisting with training the wrestling, softball, men’s tennis and men’s soccer teams. While she was in college, she competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting. She earned her bodybuilding pro-card in 2008 and set two All-American powerlifting records in 2009.

Now her days are spent teaching and coaching others in the Iron Game. She seeks out the latest research and training experiences to refine her coaching techniques. In her down time, she lives life on the wild side by not following recipes when she cooks, fighting battles through characters fantasy fiction novels, and attempting to make her cats love her.



Coach Jarrett is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Functional Movement Specialist, and Neurokinetic Therapist with a degree in Kinesiology from George Mason University. Jarrett entered the field at the ripe age of 18 after having to step down from the chance to wrestle at the collegiate level due to a knee injury.  He then went on to work and intern in several gyms in the Charlottesville and Northern Virginia areas. Once he learned of how his injury could have been avoided, Jarrett became enticed with the study of identifying and correcting compensatory movement patterns.  Jarrett has experience with high school, Division I and II, professional, and even senior athletes. Jarrett also believes in always improving his knowledge base, so he ensures that he is regularly shadowing at physical therapy or chiropractic clinics or attending seminars. Having been raised in the boondocks of Madison County, Jarrett enjoys doing anything outside. His favorite pastimes include mountain biking, hunting, and gorging on sushi.



An NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Charlie earned a degree in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise with a minor in Biology from Virginia Tech. A competitive swimmer in high school, he received an offer to swim for Lehigh University's swim team, but chose to decline and broaden his experiences during his college years. Instead Charlie dabbled in multiple sports including water polo, MMA, and baseball, but endurance sport and weight lifting is what really seized his attention. He has completed numerous triathlons, and is planning to complete a full Ironman. His experience as an intern in Virginia Tech’s Strength and Conditioning Department, cemented Charlie's love for the iron-game; a passion that he believes everyone should share.

In addition to coaching at Strength & Performance Training, Charlie also is a Physical Therapy Aide, and has ambitions to attend graduate school for Physical Therapy. A dog-lover, a fantasy football fanatic, and a superhero enthusiast, Charlie is passionate about helping people attain optimum fitness and health.



An NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ryan Wood earned a Bachelor’s in Health and Physical Education from George Mason University. After graduating he worked as a Graduate Assistant Strength Coach for the GMU Athletics Department, and is now working in both public and private sectors of the fitness industry. He now works concurrently with the high school population as a Personal Fitness teacher/Strength & Conditioning coach, as well as serving as an S & C coach in a sports and performance training facility, where he is passionate about coaching people who care deeply about their craft. Ryan is eager to mesh the world’s high school strength and conditioning, and private performance training worlds.

Ryan is an active competitor in Powerlifting as a RAW and Single-Ply lifter, and has lifted in different federations along the east coast for the better part of a decade.  In 2013 he recorded his best competition total of 1225.  His best individual lifts have been a 475 lbs. squat, 365 lbs. bench press, and a 425 lbs. deadlift.  His goal is to be able to transfer all of these lifts into a full meet over the next year and total over 1300 lbs.

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