The Exercise Vault

Powerful Planning Inspired by 11,000 Exercises & Variations

Meet The Exercise Vault, aka, the “posterior chain” of CB. With nearly 11,000 exercises, and thousands of technique videos, we believe it’s the world’s largest software exercise database. Make your selections as general or specific as you like. With The Exercise Vault you are ensured of safe, balanced, world-class plans every time. You’ll never run out of movements, combos or inspiration to keep your clients or athletes engaged and progressing towards their goals!

Stuck for an exercise name, or need a specialized movement to provoke a certain response? No problem. Simply select the movement pattern, and Concentric Brain automatically presents only the exercises that fit within the parameters you’ve chosen for that specific athlete, client or sport position. Pick a movement from the Exercise Vault list, or select it to drill down further for even more specialized needs. Select and adjust accommodating resistance. Have a unique variation? Add it once to use forever.

I had a chance to play around a little more and I really think this program works well in a countywide setting. I would also really like this if I was in a college setting with multiple staff. It’s set up very well and I completely love the exercise database. I really think this program will significantly help our advanced students that take our certified personal trainers class.

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