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Training & Conditioning Digital Guide

Our team at Concentric Brain had the pleasure of providing several articles for Training & Conditioning's Digital Guide to Strength & Conditioning. 

The guide is awesome and we've covered a number of the teaching progressions my team uses at Strength & Performance Training (SAPT):

  • Coaching the Goblet Squat
  • Three Cues for Deadlifts
  • Tips on Troubleshooting Squats
  • A 4-Step Progression to Better Swings
  • Single-Leg Progressions for Stronger Feet
  • How Heidens Work
  • Sled Variations for Lateral Strength

Each section covers the topic in-depth and comes with a killer instructional video, too! 

And the best part: all this content is FREE! So, what are you waiting for? Go. Now!

For more information on Training & Conditioning, please visit www.training-conditioning.com.

7on7 Football - Lessons in Preparation & Planning

A couple days ago we received a phone call at SAPT from a local non-profit in desperate need of coaches to come run performance testing for their 600-800 football campers.

So, we gathered who we could and headed out to lend a hand. I had a great time. I mean, it was really fun.

I got to run the tire flip challenge for the lineman's competition. I haven't gotten the opportunity to run team competitions like that since I left my job as a D1 strength coach 2-years ago. Getting back in the saddle was no problemo.  Like riding a freaking bike.

Coming back to something as "basic" as a 10-yard tire flip with a new perspective and new experiences was a cool experience. I saw so much in such a short amount of time. 

Lessons in Preparation & Planning

  • The tire flip is an awesome drill. It exposes an athletes speed, power, coordination, and athleticism. 
  • The contest exposed teammates and the support - or lack of - on a team
  • The kids and teams that performed the best were clearly the strongest physically
    • Not surprisingly, the kid who has a 600lb competition squat also had, by far, the fastest time of the whole field.
  • Some of the kids were underprepared, hardly even able to lift the tire once, yet flip it 10-yards. Yet these kids persevered. Taking, in some cases, 7x longer to complete the drill. It was impressive.

I got to see a huge swathe of preparation. From the kids that were there under their own desire to improve to the kids who had their coaches and parents all around. But, one thing I saw clearly was the necessity of these kids training - training hard to get as strong as possible. The ones who did were fast and dominate.

Linemen competition shows how important speed and strength + skill are for football.