Concentric Brain Told As A Pixar Story

Concentric Brain Told As A Pixar Story

Emma Coats, who served as a Pixar story artist for a number of years, shared that every Pixar film shares the same narrative DNA, a deep structure of storytelling that involves six sequential sentences:

Once upon a time, _____________________.

Every day, ______________________.

One day, ______________________.

Because of that,  ________________________ .

Because of that, ­­­­­­­­­­________________________ .

 Until finally, ___________________________.

It's Great to Be Alive

It's Great to Be Alive

I love these videos. Not only do they showcase absurd feats of all shapes and sizes being performed, but they depict people of all shapes and sizes performing these feats. There are people in wheelchairs doing things that I wouldn't even dream of doing with a body that still has the use of its legs.

The other component I find fascinating, is you can literally feel the excitement that many of these folks experience when they finally do the "thing" they're attempting.

Who knows how many iterations of failed attempts, and hours upon hours of practice, it took for them to finally complete their task successfully?

It's great to be alive, isn't it?

14 Random Thoughts on Training and Life

14 Random Thoughts on Training and Life

I've been trying to think of a specific topic to write about today, but my brain has been refusing to cooperate. I can't think of anything. So I'm just going to sit down and type whatever random thoughts come to mind. Let's see what comes out....

1. The ability to maintain focused attention is quickly becoming the rarest commodity in our modern society. If you can remain disciplined in this area, you'll be well ahead of almost everyone else.

2. The next time someone asks you a question for which your answer is a negative - ex. have you read that article they sent you, why haven't you responded to their email, have you checked out the awesome farmer's market they told you about, have you started going to the gym, etc. - rather than giving them the common