Cluster Set Training Research

Check out this breakthrough research on the acute effects of cluster set training:

Acute effects of a cluster-set protocol on hormonal, metabolic and performance measures in resistance-trained males


The Powerlifts and Sport

The Powerlifts and Sport

Some of us in the physical preparation business believe that, when it comes to helping athletes move and feel better, the powerlifts are the magical cure-all, the answer to all the riddles.

Want to sprint faster? Just squat. Want to hit harder? Bench press more. Want to improve the integrity of your spine and other various support structures? Deadlift.

On the other hand, there are others within the fitness community who believe that axially loaded, bilateral lifts are the spawn of Satan himself.

My wife, Kelsey Reed, just had a fantastic article published over at, where she addresses these very topics.

Movement Patterning: The Why and How

Movement Patterning: The Why and How

Today's guest post comes to you courtesy of Charlie Badawy, strength coach and evaluation specialist at SAPT.

I love lifting weights.  Sometimes the very thought that people exist who actually don't enjoy the process of picking heavy objects up and putting them down again, keeps me up at night.  How could you not enjoy this...

That's 462 pounds!!  Insane!

BUT, before I was able to enjoy dropping down into a nice deep squat with heavy weights on my back, I had to learn how to actually perform a proper squat in the first place.  You can't be strong without first being proficient.  Words to live by.

As you may have gathered, today I want to talk about the importance of becoming proficient at a movement pattern PRIOR to becoming strong at a movement pattern.