7on7 Football - Lessons in Preparation & Planning

A couple days ago we received a phone call at SAPT from a local non-profit in desperate need of coaches to come run performance testing for their 600-800 football campers.

So, we gathered who we could and headed out to lend a hand. I had a great time. I mean, it was really fun.

I got to run the tire flip challenge for the lineman's competition. I haven't gotten the opportunity to run team competitions like that since I left my job as a D1 strength coach 2-years ago. Getting back in the saddle was no problemo.  Like riding a freaking bike.

Coming back to something as "basic" as a 10-yard tire flip with a new perspective and new experiences was a cool experience. I saw so much in such a short amount of time. 

Lessons in Preparation & Planning

  • The tire flip is an awesome drill. It exposes an athletes speed, power, coordination, and athleticism. 
  • The contest exposed teammates and the support - or lack of - on a team
  • The kids and teams that performed the best were clearly the strongest physically
    • Not surprisingly, the kid who has a 600lb competition squat also had, by far, the fastest time of the whole field.
  • Some of the kids were underprepared, hardly even able to lift the tire once, yet flip it 10-yards. Yet these kids persevered. Taking, in some cases, 7x longer to complete the drill. It was impressive.

I got to see a huge swathe of preparation. From the kids that were there under their own desire to improve to the kids who had their coaches and parents all around. But, one thing I saw clearly was the necessity of these kids training - training hard to get as strong as possible. The ones who did were fast and dominate.

Linemen competition shows how important speed and strength + skill are for football.

Sarah Walls

A little about me: I've worked in pretty much every corner of the fitness industry for about 10 years. I've had the great fortune of spending most of this time working with gifted athletes at every level. I've also had the great opportunity of designing and conducting research projects, writing occasionally for various publications and blogs, competing in powerlifting, and just generally having a killer time pursuing my passions wherever they may take me. Now I own two businesses: one is an athletic performance training company that I started in 2007 at age 26 and the other is a software company startup that was launched in 2014. Paramount to all the awesomeness of my professional career, is my family. My kids are a thrill and my husband continues to be my most critical and important supporter.