The Powerlifts and Sport

Some of us in the physical preparation business believe that, when it comes to helping athletes move and feel better, the powerlifts are the magical cure-all, the answer to all the riddles.

Want to sprint faster? Just squat. Want to hit harder? Bench press more. Want to improve the integrity of your spine and other various support structures? Deadlift.

On the other hand, there are others within the fitness community who believe that axially loaded, bilateral lifts are the spawn of Satan himself.

My wife, Kelsey Reed, just had a fantastic article published over at, where she addresses these very topics.

Are the powerlifts really all they're cracked up to be?
How does the strength coach secern GPP from SPP?
Does the mantra "just get stronger" always prove true for improving power production?

All of these and more are discussed in the article. Check it out here:

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