Concentric Brain Told As A Pixar Story

Emma Coats, who served as a Pixar story artist for a number of years, shared that every Pixar film shares the same narrative DNA, a deep structure of storytelling that involves six sequential sentences:

Once upon a time, _____________________.

Every day, ______________________.

One day, ______________________.

Because of that,  ________________________ .

Because of that, ­­­­­­­­­­________________________ .

 Until finally, ___________________________.

Every story from Finding Nemo to Brave to A Bug's Life can be distilled down to those six sentences.

So, without further ado, here is Concentric Brain told as a Pixar story:

Once upon a time, fitness professionals wrote their client programs by hand, using Excel, Word, or pen and paper. Every day, they spent lots of time creating new plans for the week, and trying to organize and store their files in a systematic manner. One day, Concentric Brain came along and introduced a technology solution for the programming and managing of clients. Because of that, trainers and strength coaches were able to automate their programming and organizing process. Because of that, they gained back the time they used to spend programming, and were able to easily access and share their programs from any device. Until finally, they had more time to serve their clients and athletes, hang out with family and friends, and have the mental room to breathe. Because Concentric Brain knows that trainers and coaches entered their profession to do just that – training and coaching – not spending their time sitting at a desk. 


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