So Many Options So Little Time; Navigating the Social Media Jungle

Continuing our series on social media for small business and clubs, today we come to the part of deciding how do I manage all this new technology?  We’ve decided what platforms work best for us, we’ve laid out a plan, now how can we execute the plan in a timely manner? Social media is great, and when used correctly it is a mighty tool.  However, it can be a massive drain of time, especially if you attempt to manage all your platforms manually, within themselves.

Luckily as social media platforms continue to grow, there is a thriving market of third party devices that have been developed to help users manage them.  These devices can help you make updates in bulk, track profile activity, and even provide graphs and analytics in some instances. 

Let’s dive in and look at some of the top tools available.

Tools for Twitter:

1: Tweetdeck: This one has been around for a while and was a downloadable app for a long time.  Now it is owned by Twitter and you can launch it from the web.  If you manage multiple accounts Tweetdeck provides customizable dashboards to organize those accounts.  It also has easy to use scheduling features to keep your Tweets coming.

2: SocialBro: If you want to monetize your Twitter followers this is the tool for you.  SocialBro maps user engagement and creates easy to follow graphs.  While this tool does cost money, there is a 15-day free trial to help you realize the power.

3: Tweriod: This monitors the effectiveness of your messages by taking into account the time frames when engagement peaks.  These are all key components to building a well-rounded social media strategy.

Tools for Facebook:

1: LikeAlyzer: The name pretty much gives away what this one does, but that does not make it any less valuable.  LikeAlyzer analyzes the likes a page receives, and generates reports that highlight areas in need of improvement. This is a tremendous tool if you are new to social media, and trying to grasp what you are doing. By using the page rank section you are able to see how you stack up against other likeminded businesses.

2: PageModo: Want your Facebook page to stand out?  But you do not have a developer or true designer on staff, here’s your answer.  Customized cover photos, personalized landing pages, and new tabs are all at your fingertips and easy to install.  Use the basic package to give your Facebook page a lift, or upgrade at $6.25 a month and go all in Property Brothers style with a renovation.

Tools for Instagram:

1: Collecto:  You are a small business new to Instragram, you need to build your follower base, and Collecto is the tool to get you there. This is a location-based app that categorizes users into groups based on the brands they are talking about, and the hastags they are using.  Target your audience and go get them

2: IconoSquare: It was not long ago that this was known as Statigram, but times have changed. This is a simple user friendly platform that monitors user engagement, and vital statistics.  New followers, followers lost, etc. and then provides easy to read weekly and monthly graphs.

This is just a sampling of what is available to use to make your social media experience easier. Linkedin, Pinterest all have third party tools developed to help users.  Like social media itself, the tools developed to help them are always in a state of change.  Part of maintaining a success social media profile is keeping up with new tools as they roll out.  Social media is a vast jungle but if you find the right tools even the smallest start-up can navigate their way.