Move-the-Mountain Plank

Here's an oldie-but-goodie plank progression that I've never NOT seen someone have a love-hate relationship with.

On top of the many benefits it offers, two other beauties of this exercise are that it's incredibly scalable, and you can perform it anywhere; you don't need a weight room or crazy equipment to do it. While the video demonstration shows small weight plates being transferred, you can always choose to use books, pencils, kittens, etc. instead.

Coaching cues:

- spread the feet apart to make it easier, bring them closer together to make it harder

- pretend you have a cup of hot coffee sitting on your talibone: don't let the hips shift or hike up while you're moving the mountain (you'll be tempted to elevate the same side hip as the arm that's doing the moving)

- make sure you actually pick your elbow off the ground.....many people like to cheat by keeping the elbow down and simply rotating their forearm back and forth

- look straight down; the eyes should be more or less directly over the fists

- breathe steadily throughout; glutes engaged; no saggy back; yadda yadda yadda

- use anywhere from 3-6 objects to move, and perform 2-4 transfers of the entire "stack" with each arm. That's one set. Do 2-3 sets, or however many you want to make yourself or one of your clients hate life.

Another way to regress the exercise - for folks who aren't quite ready for the ground, perhaps due to an injury or lack or strength - would be to elevate the arms, which you can do using a bench, couch, etc.