Share the Love: Weekly Round-up

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We're getting closer to forever banishing the image of the "dumb" strength coach or personal trainer. Thanks to research like this in the field of human performance.

A 5-second mental "trick" that could help you maintain strength during training layoffs due to injury. 

8 Tips for Safe & Effective Strength Training from Harvard Health Publications. It's all pretty good... and definitely safe... advice, but boy they couldn't have made it less engaging if they tried!


It's tough to stay both balanced and motivated in business (and your personal life). Here are some great tips to keep going strong.

Apparently there's an overuse of exclamation marks in the world!!!!!

Turns out, we're all doing social media wrong when it comes to business.


Researchers have found a possible cure for peanut allergies - Hooray!

Oh gross... this is kind of horrifying if you cook your own food.


I love this post with photography of Japan's transformation after WWII.

Would you travel to Cuba? It might be a possibility.

Check out these beautiful and amazing pictures of our Earth.


Sarah Walls

A little about me: I've worked in pretty much every corner of the fitness industry for about 10 years. I've had the great fortune of spending most of this time working with gifted athletes at every level. I've also had the great opportunity of designing and conducting research projects, writing occasionally for various publications and blogs, competing in powerlifting, and just generally having a killer time pursuing my passions wherever they may take me. Now I own two businesses: one is an athletic performance training company that I started in 2007 at age 26 and the other is a software company startup that was launched in 2014. Paramount to all the awesomeness of my professional career, is my family. My kids are a thrill and my husband continues to be my most critical and important supporter.