Communication and Marketing Finding the Right Tool

As the coach of two club teams I know how important communication can be for both on the field and off the situations.  As a coach I’m responsible for over 80 players who are located across the globe, and it is up to me to make sure they receive their workouts, logistical information, and general updates about their club.  Back in the day managing all these task was a total pain, and accomplished through the use of things like phone trees, and perhaps an email group if it was the early 2000’s.  While those are still useful tools, thanks to technology we have better options for communicating and marketing to large groups.

Let’s jump into just a few of my favorites.

Twitter:  I know it’s only 140 characters, but they can be powerful. Mainly because those 140 characters are to the point.  With one Tweet, I can reach my entire club, and let them know game times, locations, and contact information  I also love Twitter because it serves as a great marketing tool, since anyone in the world can read what my club is up to, and it creates a great forum for new potential players to interact with the team.

Facebook: Yes everyone is on it, and that means you should be too.  I have found that the majority of my high school age players don’t even have email addresses or at least active ones, so email list are worthless.  But every one of them has a Facebook page, and they are more than willing to like, our clubs page, especially if you post a few pictures of them in action. 

Tumblr: Don’t know much about blogging? No worries.  Don’t know how to set up a blog? It does not matter. Don’t have a URL for a blog? Not a problem.  Tumblr may be the easiest blogging tool I’ve come across. Super easy to set up, and very user friendly.  Another great feature is how viral material goes on Tumblr.  A simply reblog and your message can go out across the world.  One final perk, is the mobile ap is a piece of cake to use.

Instagram: You may not send updates to your team using Instagram, but you an sure generate a ton of interest using this handy app.  In all my years, I have never seen an app. Adopted so easily across the board. Don’t believe me?  Search any topic, or any celebrity you like, and I bet they have an Instagram and an insane amount of followers.  It’s simple point, click, filter, send, and you can become an internet sensation.  It’s that easy

Concentric Brain: Organized and far reaching. That’s why I love this product.  Keeping 80 athletes straight is no easy task especially when you add in all their work out programs.  Player profiles, all in one place, workouts by position, club and person all in one place.  And the ultimate crowd pleaser, the  “save as PDF” function so I can email everything out to my athletes. 

Sure there are lots of other products out there that you can use as a coach to help with communications, and I will dive into those over the next few weeks.  These are the ones that I focus on because a level of familiarity and being able to commit to using these on a regular basis.  Moving forward we will look at some best practices for communications and how to manage these tools.