Lightening Fast Program Design

How fast can you program? I mean really program? How long does it take you to plan for an advanced client or athlete? Kind of a long time, right? 

What would you estimate... hmm, for me... a 4 day/week split with two days lower body emphasis + two days upper body emphasis would easily take 60-minutes for a new 4-week wave. And THAT's only if I know the athlete really well. Curating great training plans for advanced athletes takes time, but the progress is worth it. Or is it?

What if you could implement your EXACT brand of program design? Any methodology, any (and I do mean ANY) exercise, any combination/pairing system. And produce that same 4 day/week split in about one-second? How would you react? Shock, disbelief, anger at the realization that you've been spending so much extra time on planning up to this point? Yes, yes, and yes!

Take a look at the demo I put together this afternoon. I literally generated a training plan in about one single second! Honestly, I can't tell you the sheer joy with which I use this system. Every program design opportunity becomes an absolute pleasure. Is this what walking on the moon was like? For those of us who value excellent program design and are passionate with delivering our clients great results via superior training methodologies - I think we'd argue it might be pretty close to moon walking. Go ahead, take a peek:



Sarah Walls

A little about me: I've worked in pretty much every corner of the fitness industry for about 10 years. I've had the great fortune of spending most of this time working with gifted athletes at every level. I've also had the great opportunity of designing and conducting research projects, writing occasionally for various publications and blogs, competing in powerlifting, and just generally having a killer time pursuing my passions wherever they may take me. Now I own two businesses: one is an athletic performance training company that I started in 2007 at age 26 and the other is a software company startup that was launched in 2014. Paramount to all the awesomeness of my professional career, is my family. My kids are a thrill and my husband continues to be my most critical and important supporter.