Have you Tried... Dynamic Overhead Stability Hold

For athletes in need of overhead stabilization, try this exercise variation:

Coaching cues:

Apply perturbations in all directions and make sure that the force is meeting what the athlete is capable of bracing against. A little goes a long way here. Cue the athlete to tuck the ribs slightly and engage abs and legs.

This is too much movement:

Cluster Set Training Research

Check out this breakthrough research on the acute effects of cluster set training:

Acute effects of a cluster-set protocol on hormonal, metabolic and performance measures in resistance-trained males


Linear Periodization for Novice Powerlifter

It’s easy to over complicate training plans for our clients. I’m a total program design dork, let’s get into the weeds! kind of strength coach.

But, for many applications, nothing works better than your traditional linear periodization for great progress. Turns out, there is a reason why this method is taught in every single certification manual that has ever been produced. 

I’m working with an athlete currently who wants to train for and compete in his first powerlifting meet. He is a novice lifter, does not have very good hip mobility, and needs massive improvement in ability to brace (core strength).