Bringing Advanced Technology to the Land of Fitness Professionals

Once upon a time, fitness professionals wrote their client programs by hand, using Excel, Word, or pen and paper. Every day, they spent lots of time creating new plans for the week, and trying to organize and store their files in a systematic manner.

One day, Concentric Brain came along and introduced a software solution. Because of that, trainers and strength coaches were able to automate their planning and organization processes. And generally manage things a lot better.

Finally, they had more time to serve their clients and athletes, build their businesses; even hang out with family and friends!

How It Happened

We've been working in the trenches for years: staying up late, waking up early, training all kinds of clients and athletes, churning out program after program, all while trying to ensure quality. As degreed, credentialed trainers and coaches, we know what's required to write a great strength training program. But there was a problem: the more plans we had to write, the less time it seemed we had to coach. Not to mention eat sitting down, build our business or spend time with loved ones. We craved a better way:

Less time planning + more time training = MORE INCOME + time to enjoy life.

We wanted software that would think like us (only faster), program like us (with more consistency), organize better than we do, and provide inspiration when we are fresh out. So, we dreamed of:

  • automatic professional level progressions and training waves

  • versatile templates and workouts that could be tweaked without tedious reformatting

  • an endless choice of exercises and combinations

  • effortless organization 24/7

  • doing it all in a fraction of the traditional time

No existing software came close. Being optimists, we got to work. Our solution, Concentric Brain, is now a reality. Now it’s helping fitness pros like you program faster and better, to build their businesses by saving time, staying organized and coaching more.

Our Fearless Leaders and Contributors

You could not trust your programming needs and business growth to a more inspired, dedicated group of fitness professionals. We feel lucky to have such a talented bunch! Read More.

Get out of the trenches!

Now it's your chance to save time, train more and build your business. Try the most advanced fitness programming software solution available now. Click the GET CONCENTRIC BRAIN button to get started. Or to learn more, schedule a no-obligation tour. We'd love to show you around and discuss your programming needs.

Thank you and Happy Programming!